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Member Benefits

It is often asked…. why would a home inspector want to join a group of other home inspectors?  After all, the other home inspectors are “the competition”.  Many inspectors have that very same question, that is, until they invest the time, open their mind, attend a meeting or two and begin to realize the many reasons Chapter Membership works!

You will not find a more “like minded” bunch.  Home inspectors are an interesting group.  By our nature we are curious, determined, dogged, information driven, knowledgeable and detail oriented.  More so, we are generous with our time and information.  Most every inspector you meet has worked their way up the ranks and along the way has had a mentor or two to offer guidance and support.  

So when you get a group of 30-40 home inspectors together it is easy to see the benefits!  Where else can an inspector go to trade information, listen to stories from the trenches, learn how the industry has evolved and see the passion most every veteran inspector has for their profession.

The cost of Membership is minimal compared to the value of Membership.

So lets look at the details:

  • Joining provides a professional credential of a local sort.  ASHI is National, a Chapter is Local.  Clients want to see local involvement.
  • Chapter involvement opens up a world of information, knowledge and support from fellow professionals who have been there/done that.
  • Typically, our Chapter meets 9 times/months out of the year.  Sessions often carry 2 CEU’s.  Attending our meetings puts a real dent in the required continuing education.  Not to mention we meet at a first class venue and the food is great!
  • Members receive discounts on Chapter events, such as our Fall Seminar.
  • Members have access to our broad network of Affiliate Members.
  • Members have the opportunity to participate in our Peer Review sessions.
  • We typically hold one large social event per year – Free to Members!
  • Mentoring is available to entry level inspectors.
  • Chapter involvement is encouraged and we welcome all members to attend our Board meetings and even serve on the Board or a committee.
  • Our membership has a unique and personal connection to the ongoing PA Home Inspectors Licensing process.
  • We offer placement of member information on our state of the art website.

Now it clear, the choice is easy, the benefits are many.  Join now!